Singing Telegram

Costumed Singing Telegrams The next time you want to deliver a special message, do it with a singing telegram. Our performer will arrive at your destination in the costume of your choice with a beautiful bouquet of balloons on the day and exact time you specify, weekday, weekend, day or evening.

Any occasion merits a singing telegram. An appropriate song for that occasion, as well as a personalized routine about the individual recipient is included. We can do this in an office, residence, restaurant, business establishment, store, or where ever. Our talented singer can do a song for any occasion or reason. It can be funny, hilarious, outrageous, classy, tasteful, or any or all of these, according to your wishes.

Have a floor show event at your wedding or party. 15-20 minute programs with fancy costumes and professional acts.

Funky Chicken – AngryBird – PG Strip Gorillas – Bag Lady – Giant Banana Big Kiss – Belly Dancer – Elvis
Marilyn Monroe – Pink Elephant – Hula Gorilla – Annoying Man – Comedy – Annoying Waiter – and Many More…

novelty hula gorilla sings a gramsing bellydancersing chicken

sing monkey sophia marilyn 3will amato-elvis - Copy

sing grim reaper